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A Full Park Home Refurbishment - Kent Back to case studies

Project Overview

New walls, windows and doors and a new roof and porch.  The contrast between before and after is spectacular with full refurbishment work.  This was on a 42' x 12' home in Kent.

The customer chose the maintenance free walls in Gotland, which is a pale grey colour.  The roof was tiled in charcoal grey with white windows and doors.


Project Solution

We originally visited the customer in September 2016 to discuss their requirements.  Obviously a full refurbishment takes a lot of thinking about to get everything just right.  After discussions with the site owner the original size of the porch had to be amended which slightly altered the window and door spec.  This also meant amending the paperwork to make sure everything was done properly.  A decision was reached and we were given the go ahead in January 2017.

What Happens Next

Windows and doors were ordered, along with the roofing tiles and the maintenance free cladding.  The maintenance free product is imported from Germany and is usually on a 4 week lead time, however this can change (always longer never shorter!!) so we have to make sure we order in plenty of time.  We try and order multiple jobs at the same time to reduce costs both for us and our customers.

As you can see from the pictures above, even though the customer used only one colour on their home, the results are still spectacular.

Testimonial Coming Soon

It is always advisable to seak permission from the site owner before having any work done.