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A Full Park Home Refurbishment- Marlborough Back to case studies

Project Overview

A full refurbishment.  New walls, windows and doors, porch, roof and skirting.  We love doing these as the before and after is stunning.  This one was on a 10’ x 32’ home in Wiltshire.

The customer chose the maintenance free walls in RAVENNA with MONTANA above, these are a paler and darker green respectively.  The roof was tiled in green and they also chose to have the window and door frames and the door panels in green (white on the inside).  The skirting was to be done in white UPVC tongue and groove .

Project Solution

We originally visited the customer in October 2015, to discuss their requirements.  Obviously with a full refurbishment there are many decisions to be made.  We never rush a customer for a decision and NEVER expect them to make a decision on the spot.  After much discussion and rumination the customer made their decision and we were asked to proceed in June 2016.

What Happens Next

Coloured windows, doors and door panels are on a longer lead-time than white (for obvious reasons).  So we had to make sure these were ordered as soon as possible along with the rest of the materials.  One of the windows ordered was a bay window.  These are delivered as three separate frames so we build them in the workshop and install the glass on site.  It takes roughly 4 hours to build a bay by the time you have constructed the frame, the top and bottom cill and added insulation.  This is an added lead-time that needs to be considered, some jobs have multiple bays!

Above are before and after pictures showing the amazing transformation of this home.

From the moment NuVex Ltd arrived to begin work on my home I knew that I had made the right choice of whom to do the work/refurbishment.  I had seen the team working on another home on the park a year earlier but that home was much newer than mine and really I couldn’t see they could achieve the same perfection as they had on that home.  I now have a home I never believed I’d ever own. 

It is always advisable to seak permission from the site owner before having any work done.