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New Porch on a Bedfordshire Park Home Back to case studies

Project Overview

Our customer wanted a porch adding to their 44' x 12' home in Bedfordshire.  The standard Park Home porch is 2m x 1m and this is what the customer decided on.

Project Solution

We visited in October 2012 to discuss the customer's requirements.  They originally asked for a 1m x 1m  porch with two doors.  However, when discussing options with NuVex it was decided that a 2m x 1m porch with one door and one window was more appropriate to their needs.

What Happens Next

With a porch permission MUST be sought from the park owner.  It does not necessarily follow that you will be able to replace an existing porch with a new one.

After all the paperwork has been completed and signed, NuVex order the required materials and the work is booked into the diary.

The porch is built here at our yard with the window and door holes built in.  It is then assembled on site where the window and door frames are fitted and glazed.

Porches can be textured, UPVC or maintenance free, although the process is slightly different for each one.  Whichever option you choose it's sure to enhance your home.

Very good workers, do an excellent job.  Carry on the good work.

Well done thank you again.

It is always advisable to seak permission from the site owner before having any work done.