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New Walls, A New Roof and a Porch in Warwickshire Back to case studies

Project Overview

This customer originally came to us in the early part of 2017.  They wanted a new textured porch fitted to their 32' x 20' home in Warwickshire.

In June they came to see us at Stoneleigh Show and said that they were now thinking of having their walls done as well so we advised them to wait for their porch until they had made a decision of the type of wall they wanted so that the work could all be done at the same time.

Having seen our stand at the Stoneleigh Show and after discussing various options with our on-site team the customer decided to have maintenance free cavity wall insulation installed along with the new porch.

Project Solution

An amended quote was sent to the customer which they were happy with and the usual paperwork was put into place and the date agreed for November 2017.  Whilst installing the maintenance free cavity wall insulation it was discovered that the roof had deteriorated.  The customer was advised, another quote was given for the roof replacement and the customer agreed and went ahead.

What Happens Next

As the customer didn't live too far away from the Stoneleigh Show we made arrangements to go and do a new quote for the walls whilst we were at the show.

Measurements were taken of the walls and window spaces so that we could accurately work out the amount of maintenance free cavity wall insulation product that was needed.  As it is imported we try and minimise wastage for both the customer and ourselves.

We were very impressed with the professional approach, work rate and work ethic of the NuVex team.  They started work promptly at 08:00 and seldom stopped until the day's work was completed.  They were friendy, courteous and obviously had a great pride in the product and their own work.  First class!

It is always advisable to seak permission from the site owner before having any work done.