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New Walls on a Park Home in Coventry Back to case studies

Project Overview

We met this customer at the Stoneleigh Show in June 2016.  They wanted one wall of their 36' x 10' home in Coventry replacing along with new windows.

Project Solution

We visited the client's home later in June and the customer decided to have their whole home re-boarded and textured.  They also chose to have "blnds-in-glass" windows installed.  As with all our windows, these have an odd-legg design specifically for Park Homes and are A-rated, 28mm clear glass but the blinds are installed within the 28mm glass cavity.  The blinds work on a magnet system and come with a manufacturer's gurantee. 

We took measurements as always and discussed colour options with the customer who chose Blossom as the texure colour with white windows and white blinds.

What Happens Next

Depending upon the time of year we start work, it may not be possible to apply the texture coating.  For instance, we started this work in March 2017 re-boarding and installing the windows, however, the weather is still too inclement at this time of year to texture.  We returned in July and completed the texture.  During this time the home was left completeley water-tight as the boards and drip rail we use are primed and sealed before they leave our unit.

The guarantees will not start until the work has been completed, so the guarantees for this work were dated in July.

Testimonial Coming Soon

It is always advisable to seak permission from the site owner before having any work done.