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New Walls on a Park Home in Surrey Back to case studies

Project Overview

This customer’s 36’ x 20’ home in Surrey was covered in stone chipping which was looking dated and the wooden canopies above the windows were starting to rot. 

Project Solution

A visit was made to the client’s home in April 2016 and the customer expressed a preference for the textured cavity wall system as they “didn’t like the look” of the maintenance free system.  They also chose bronze tiled canopies above their windows.

We took measurements as always and discussed colour options with the customer.  The textured cavity wall system comes in a choice of 18 colours so there’s sure to be something that appeals.  This customer chose Buttermilk.

What Happens Next

To apply the textured coating the weather has to be at least +9o day and night with no rain forecast for 3 or 4 days after the texture has been applied.  If a customer chooses this option and we go and do the work in October (for instance) we would not apply the textured coating until spring of the following year.  This is perfectly usual and the home is left completely watertight in the meantime as the MGO boards and drip rails that we use are sealed and primed before they leave our unit.

All of the old outer boards are removed and the existing insulation and battens checked.  Any rotten battens are replaced and new battens are fixed on top to make a deeper cavity to allow a double-foiled insulation to be fitted.  A waterproof but breathable membrane is installed over this before we fix the MGO board.  A bevelled drip rail is then mounted on top of the MGO board to prevent moisture rising back into the home.  Once all this is done we are ready to start texturing.  If we have to come back at a later date to texture, the guarantee will not start until the texturing has been completed.

The staff are very polite and do a good job.  They work hard and long hours, the finish is very good, better than I thought.

It is always advisable to seak permission from the site owner before having any work done.