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About our FreeFurb

The idea of FreeFurb is to give something back to the Park Home community. So many Park Home owners have been the recipient of previous poor repair jobs by dodgy workmen or been quoted for one thing and have received something totally different or not "up to spec".

FreeFurb is about doing something Park Home owners might not have been able to do without our help. We wanted to prove that, as refurbishers, we have a social conscience and that we do everything we can to find a solution for those who need us.

Just because it’s free doesn’t mean our standards are any less rigid and the same level of service applies. The home owner will still get a written specification of the works to be carried out along with all of the other paperwork that normally accompanies our work. The only difference is that there is no invoice at the end of the job!

  • It’s totally free!
  • Your home will look "as new"
  • Heating costs may be reduced
  • Larger windows will let in more light
  • Windows and doors may be included
  • Textured walls and roofs may be included
  • The same colour choices apply

2016 FreeFurb

Teamwork and team spirit excellent equalling standard of work – minimum of upheaval and considerably less noise than I was expecting! An extremely efficient company which I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending.

Applications closed!

Unfortunately we can no longer accept applications to this year's FreeFurb giveaway.