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Park Home Roofing

NuVex can supply a practical, economical and sustainable lightweight roofing system which is up to eight times lighter than traditional roof materials. 

We offer a build-up roof option if your current roof is a flat roof, or a replacement roof.

With the build-up option, the new roof is built on the original roof.  We build a centre board to create the new pitch and run trusses from this to the edge of your home.  The roof is insulated with 100mm rolled insulation and a vapour permeable underlay (VPU) is laid over the trusses and tanalised battens are installed on top of this before the roofing tiles are fixed.

With the replacement roof, it is quite simply replacing the roof you already have because of leaks or weather damage.  This can be caused by a number of reasons, such as breakdown or tearing of felt or the felt becoming brittle with age.  We can adjust the pitch if necessary.

You don’t have to wait for your roof to leak before you give it a makeover, you might just fancy a change of tile colour.  Whatever you need, NuVex have the answer for you.  

NuVex roofing systems come with a 40 year manufacturer’s waterproof guarantee, in addition to which NuVex give a 2 year guarantee on materials and labour

PS: Whilst you’re replacing your Park Home roof, why not think about replacing your roofline products as well.

Services Include

  • Build-up roof
  • Replacement roof
  • Hips (apex) over doors
  • Replacement tiles
  • Choice of four tile colours
  • Removal and disposal of old roof

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